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Remote operation testing at ITS ConGlobal
11 Feb 2021

At ITS ConGlobal in Oakland California Phantom Auto is testing a Terberg drive by wire terminal tractor for remote operations (teleoperation). After reaching the final stages of the commissioning process the unit will be deployed for actual remote shunting operations at ITS ConGlobal.

Salerno Container Terminal: "Terberg came out on top in a comparative study"
01 Dec 2020

Technical Manager Mr. Verzella commented: “Our choice has fallen on Terberg for the reliability of the brand. Furthermore, it came out on top in a comparative study between competitors, mainly based on the MTBM (Mean Time Between Maintenance).

Terberg tractors move concrete products at eight Willy Naessens production plants
19 Nov 2020

Naessens Group has been a Terberg customer for over twenty years and uses Terberg tractors at eight concrete products plants. The vehicles are maintained by Terberg Tractors Belgium which also supplied the Seacom roll trailers, goosenecks and parking stands used at these plants.

New Terberg Magazine Special Vehicles available
29 Sep 2020

The 9th edition of the Terberg Magazine is available, offering news and stories from around the world, including a special about the new YT Series (next gen. electric and diesel stage V)

Bakker Barendrecht satisfied with the new Terberg YT203-EV electric tractor
21 Sep 2020

Bakker Barendrecht in the Netherlands currently has five YT tractors, both diesel and electric models, to handle trailers. In the summer they received a new generation YT-203EV electric tractor for testing.